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The best laminate parquet



Laminate parquet is a type of wood flooring, wood being used in proportion of more than 80%.  It is preferred because it has a very good shock resistance and it is ideal in rooms such as bedroom, children’s room and kitchen, being extremely easy to take care of.

Besides, among the many advantages of laminate parquet there are also the possibility of floating system installation, antistatic properties, resistance to moisture and easy maintenance. In fact, laminate parquet is a product that happily combines a lot of extraordinary qualities, being inexpensive, durable, easy to install and easy to maintain, which makes laminate parquet to offer its users a great value for money.

Choosing the right type of laminate parquet is very important when it comes to long-term exploitation, good-life exploitation. The thickness of the parquet, the manufacturer’s indications of the area where it can be used, plus the correct fitting are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing laminate parquet for your home.

The thickness of laminate parquet generally varies between 6 to 12 mm. You should know that 6, 7 or 8 mm thick laminate parquet tiles are usually recommended for those areas in the house where traffic is not very intense: bedrooms, study rooms, indoor hallways. For the living room, kitchen and entrance hall, you should choose minimum 8 mm thick parquet, preferably thicker than this.

When deciding to install parquet you should never forget to take into account the manufacturer’s instructions. Most types of parquet have clear indications such as: house traffic, intense domestic traffic, medium commercial traffic, intense commercial traffic. It is essential to buy the laminate parquet that is suited to the type of space where it will be installed. Buying a type of parquet that is not intended for intense traffic and putting it in an area with such traffic is actually an apparent saving. You will notice quite quickly that the parquet should be replaced much earlier than you would have expected, and you will actually get to pay more. Instead, if you choose the type of parquet recommended for intense traffic, even if initially it will be slightly more expensive, the parquet will remain functional and it will look freshly installed more time.

For operating in good condition the laminate parquet, it is very important to properly install it. In order to perfectly join together the laminate parquet boards and to remain perfectly joined, the surface must be perfectly straight. Level differences must be of maximum 1 to 2 mm. If the floor in the house has higher level differences, fix this problem before installing the laminate parquet.

Moreover, do not forget to lay under the parquet the protective foil, which works as thermal and sound insulator. You should know that the direction of installation of the parquet board must be opposite to the main movement direction in the room.

To understand what we mean, think that when you walk through a room from the entrance door to the opposite wall, you should stamp on the width of the parquet tiles, not the length of the tiles. In this way the joints between the parquet boards will remain fixed and you will enjoy a floor that looks good for a longer time.

How to choose laminate parquet?

In order to be sure that you have chosen the best laminate parquet for your home, you have to know that you have chosen according to several factors: the destination of the room, its dimensions, the way it is decorated, the colors used in the interior design and the brightness of the room.

Let`s talk about these issues to give you some help. So the first things you need to consider are the practical ones. If you want to install laminate parquet floor in the living room, kitchen or entrance hall, then remember that it is a must to choose laminate floor boards with a minimum thickness of 8 mm, having  the manufacturer`s specifications “heavy domestic traffic” or other similar specifications. Instead, in bedrooms and other areas of your home where traffic is not so intense, laminate parquet floor with smaller thicknesses, starting from 6 mm, can be used.

Do not forget about the color of the parquet. Perhaps you like a certain color, but choosing the color should also be based on certain factors. Thus, the color of laminate parquet should take into account not only the rest of the colors in the room, but also the size of the room. Dark shades are suitable for larger rooms, such as the living room. In order to have a beautiful room, it is recommended to create a little contrast between the floor and the color of the walls and furniture. If you choose dark-colored laminate parquet, paint the walls in a light color and choose bright, cheerful furniture. You can also get the same pleasing appearance for the room through the contrast between dark-colored parquet and a carpet in bright and pastel colors.

At the same time, for dark rooms that do not have much natural light, do not install dark parquet. Bring these rooms to life using laminate parquet in lighter shades: white oak, beech or even pear tree parquet. Avoid dark-colored parquet such as Wenge or Tek in these rooms. The small rooms will also look better if you install light colored parquet that will give you the impression of larger space and greater luminosity. Since we all want this thing, why not use small tricks to give us a hand of help?

However, mistakes still occur. Thus, when it comes to matching laminate parquet with furniture and room accessories, a frequent mistake occurs when choosing the same shade for the entire room. If the furniture in the room is made of golden oak, it is not a good idea to install parquet in the same color. Although it is a vivid color, using the same shade, the room will look lifeless, monotonous, and it won`t stand out. This is the reason why there must be a certain contrast between the designs of the things used in a room. That is why we are making a suggestion in this regard. You could match the color of the laminate parquet with the color of the interior doors. The effect is much subtle than the effect obtained by matching the furniture with the floor, but it will also be restful for the eyes.

Suitable thickness of laminate parquet

As mentioned above, laminate parquet is available in a wide variety of thicknesses, from 6 mm to 12 mm. Choossing the right thickness for a particular room / space is essential for a good operation of the parquet.

The thicker the parquet, the more it is recommended to use it in heavy traffic spaces. If you’ve bought parquet before, then you’ve noticed that the price per square meter increases with its thickness. Below you`ll find some rules you should take into consideration in order to get the most out of the properties and comfort of laminate parquet and at the same time not to pay more than it`s needed.

The 6, 7 or even 8 mm thick laminate parquet is suitable for spaces with lower traffic, such as bedrooms, study rooms and interior hallways. When it comes to laminate parquet with thickness between 6 and 8 mm, the quality of the surface it will be installed on is essential. You, or the person who is going to install your parquet, should make sure that the floor has level differences of 1-2 mm, not higher than this, differences that will be compensated by the insulating foil laying under the parquet floor.

Instead, for more intensive traffic such as living room, kitchen or entrance hall, it is recommended to choose parquet with a minimum thickness of 8 mm, preferably 10 or 12 mm. This parquet is best suited for the cement floor of your house, and in time, it will prove to be a more economical choice, as you will notice that you will have no problems with the joints between the laminate parquet boards and with the premature ageing.

In the case of high-traffic public spaces such as commercial spaces, offices or public institutions, when choosing laminate parquet you shouldn`t take into account only its thickness. Even thick parquet (10-12 mm thick) is not automatically suited for heavy commercial traffic. In this case you should look for laminate parquet with inscriptions such as “commercial traffic” or “heavy commercial traffic”.

If the thickness of the parquet is chosen correctly, the floor will resist and look like new for years. That’s why it’s good not to save money when choosing the parquet. Do not choose thin laminate parquet in the living room or kitchen, thinking it’s cheaper. Maybe it would be better to choose a sustainable solution tailored to that space, leading to smart and long term savings.

This was our advice about the laminate parquet, and if you decide that your home should benefit from laminate parquet`s properties, then maybe you should also take into account our advice. You will see that you are gaining in the long run, and if you take care of it properly, the floor will have a long life.




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