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The best mop for your parquet



Cleaning a home is an aspect that you should never neglect. Whether you’ve just renovated or not, the neat look of a home is the housewife`s visiting card.

If you have chosen to lay parquet floors at home, then we will tell you that its maintenance is done respecting some certain rules, which will make your life much easier.

Women, mothers in particular, know that if you have a child who drops something on the floor or plays around at home, then it is advisable to always sanitize your floor.  There are many microbes on the floor, and if the little one spends a lot of time playing, crawling or “painting” the parquet, then you also know that it must always be perfectly cleaned.

There are many tools that can help you because nowadays most of the houses and apartments are designed with tile floors and parquet floors and sometimes carpets. It is quite tiring and hard to wash a surface of 100 square meters with the classic mop. Not to mention the fact that, most of the time, if you have children, you don`t clean the house with the mop only once. There are also “happy days” in which you have the “joy” to clean the house four or five times.

The parquet can be quickly and easily cleaned with a mop that can wipe the surface without leaving a lot of moisture. To make the job even faster, it is good to have a special parquet mop apart from the tile mop.

Here are some tips to make an effective cleanup:

The best parquet mop should be able to absorb a lot of liquid

The parquet is made of wood, that`s why the washing and cleaning of the parquet should not involve a large amount of liquid, because it will ultimately lead to the swelling of the parquet boards. However, it is recommended for the mop to have an absorbent device. A universal microfiber mop made of a bunch of fringes can absorb up to 10 times its weight. Such a mop is suitable for both tiles and parquet and can be used both wet and dry. However, such a mop is difficult to clean when you need to remove the parquet solution, in order to use it to wash the tiles or the other way round. That’s why it’s best to have two mops to attach to its tail, alternatively.

Controlled quantity of parquet cleaning solution

When choosing a good mop for the parquet, look for a type that allows you to control the amount of cleaning solution so as to reduce the physical exertion and the risk of accidents. Therefore, a spray mop is perhaps one of the best solutions for washing and cleaning parquet floors. Such a mop is specially designed for wood floors, has an ergonomic design and has a rechargeable cartridge. The mop has a rotating applicator head that can help you clean the parquet floor in the toughest areas, and a reusable microfiber washcloth. With such a mop, you can wash the parquet without bending over, pressing a button to release the solution jet. The solution remaining in the cartridge can be used the next time you clean. The washcloth is easy to clean after use, you only need to rinse it in clean water and dry it. It sounds good, doesn`t it? We promise you that you will be glad with your choice.

The washcloth of a mop for cleaning the parquet floors

The washcloth of a parquet mop must be resistant enough not to leave traces of solution on the wood surface and not to rip apart, leaving traces on the parquet. There are also cloths made of compact, unravel materials that allow reusing it for years. To maintain them properly, it is enough to wash the cloth in warm water after each use and put it dry. Pretty simple, isn`t it?

Mistakes in parquet maintenance

You have already chosen the parquet floor. You already know that it can add beauty and value to your home, only if you knew how to take care of it. Below, we’ll show you what the most common mistakes are made regarding the parquet floor and how to solve them in order to have a beautiful and resistant parquet floor.

Even though the parquet is one of the most beneficial types of flooring on the market, you do not want to worry about being spoiled quickly. What you need to do is to follow the instructions exactly in order to have a clean, bright parquet floor without spots and scratches.

Too much water

To clean a dirty floor you need water. The problem with the parquet comes from the excess of water. Too much water runs into the cracks between the boards, which can cause swelling and irreversible damage to the parquet boards. You can just use a little water. You need to know that for most parquet areas in your home, a dry mop or a dust mop can be all that is required for regular cleaning. Sticky or dirty areas can be easily cleaned using only a cloth and spray bottle, without using a regular mop to clean the house.

The traditional broom is not the parquet`s best friend. You`d rather use a dry dust mop or a vacuum cleaner to clean it properly, and the parquet will not be damaged. Traditional brooms will leave too many particles behind, and they can even scratch the parquet. The particles will mix with the wet mop and spread all over.

Cleaning products

It is tempting to buy a detergent in a beautiful bottle that promises to make laminate floors look fabulous. We are, undoubtedly, influenced by the huge amount of commercials for this kind of products, all of them promising shiny, perfectly cleaned parquet, not to mention a fresh, “clean” smell. But what you do not know is that many cleaning solutions only spoil the appearance of the parquet. And this is true, especially when you use the detergent too often. If you use a solution that you like, then make sure you follow the instructions. Trust us, they were written on the packaging for this reason. It is wrong to think that more soap means cleaner floor. Often, a parquet floor only needs a light mop and water.

The vacuum cleaner and the broom

The parquet must be swept or vacuumed often to keep it clean. Dirt is an enemy for any kind of parquet because it scratches and destroys the finish of the floor. However, sweeping and inappropriate vacuuming don`t help at all and can do more damage to the parquet. If you use a vacuum cleaner, make sure that you don`t use the roller brush in order to avoid scratching the floor surface. For sweeping, a clean microfiber material may be gentler with your parquet floor.

Maintenance of different types of parquet

The parquet is pretentious and has many restrictions when it comes to take care of it. That’s why it’s best to clean it with special solutions and protect it with wax in order to last as many years as possible. But, as there are several types of parquet, here’s see what you should choose for each one.

Laminate parquet. In this case, cleaning rules are perhaps the simplest. A soft cotton cloth or a mop, water and liquid detergent for flooring or parquet solution are used. You do not have to exaggerate with moistening the mop, because the parquet can swell and deteriorate and it is better to avoid organic solvents when it comes to the used cleaning products. If you need to move the furniture, do not forget to put underneath it a soft, self-adhesive mesh, in order not to scratch the floor. If the parquet has faded in certain areas, use wood pigments of the same shade to fix the problem.

Triple laminate parquet. After normal vacuum, this type of parquet is cleaned using the same products as for the laminated one: water, parquet cleaning solution and a well squeezed mop. Attention, however, in case of triple-layered parquet, the cleaning solutions should not contain ammonia! It`s better to remove the spots on the parquet when they are fresh, and there won`t be faded or darker areas on the floor.

For chocolate, grease, shoe polish stains and heel marks, use gasoline, and for ink, lipstick or pencil stains use spirit. If you want your triple-layered parquet to be brighter, you can varnish it, but only after polishing it, vacuuming the resulting dust and wiping it with a clean cloth.

Solid wood parquet. This type of floor requires special care, being somehow more pretentious, so you should sweep it or vacuum it every two days, depending on the traffic, then you should wipe it with a soft cloth or a well-squeezed mop.

When washing wood parquet floors, use a special solution or warm water with a bit of liquid soap.

Do not use wax because it stains, nor spray because it turns the floor into a skating rink. You can use a polish solution that forms a protective cover.

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