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When it comes to renovating the house and thinking about what to choose for the floor, we oscillate between tiles and parquet, but often we choose the parquet floor. There`s a simple reason for this. The parquet is the material which helps us not to fail. Usually, it is easy to maintain, and it is also preferable due to the fact that the look we obtain by using parquet is closer to the nature, unlike the “cold” given by the tile floor, which is even more demanding and can easily break in case of unfortunate domestic accidents.

In fact, there`s a lot to choose from, since there are different types of parquet such as three-layer parquet, solid wood parquet, laminated, glossy or matt parquet, covering almost all the range of shades and textures. In addition, the parquet floor can be used in all the areas in a house, and thanks to new wood impregnation and protection technologies, it can be even installed in bathrooms, kitchens or halls.

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