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How to build a roof



Building a roof implies having some knowledge about this. It is best to find a specialist who knows exactly what type of roof you need and how it should be built according to the house plan.

Building a durable roof, made of the finest materials, is essential when taking into account thermal, water and sound insulation. In order to have an idea about how to finish the external construction works, we`ll explain you how to build the roof of your house.

A roof is composed, in general, of: framing, covering and auxiliary elements.

Here is the complex structure of a roof (including the elements of the roof):

Concrete slab or wood / metal board;

Bloom (when applicable);


Prop (when applicable);


Cantilever (when applicable);

Pliers (when applicable);



Wooden rods;


Roof cover.

First let`s talk about the structure of the roof which is made of:

Props (pillars of various sizes that will support the pliers);

Purlin (a piece made of wood or metal used to support the rafters). This can be a ridge purlin – for the top or a sill purlin – for the edges);

Rafters (make the skeleton of the roof, the roof covering will be mounted on them);

Pliers (horizontal elements connecting the props, making the structure more rigid);

Blooms (the link between the props and the board)

The skeleton is usually made of dry, quality wood. If you can`t find it, you can choose for a lower quality solid wood, having no traces of mold or rot.

The base of the roof is generally made of concrete. With the help of the blooms, the props will be fixed on it. There are two ways to do this: by connecting to steel “moustaches” or by connecting to ball screws embedded in concrete.

Once the purlins have been fixed, the props can be fixed as well. In order to follow the logical structure, the roof ridge will be built, then, the rafters will be fixed, for obtaining stability and resistance.

The next step is to purchase the cover materials. Now you can get started. You need to know that you have a wide range of covers to choose from:

Standing seam panels – have a life span of 40-50 years and it is very light (about 5kg / m²) but it isn`t a very good sound and thermal insulation material;

Tile roofing sheets- ceramic tile is the most resistant (80-100 years); it has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, it looks very good, but it is very heavy (approx. 40kg / m²) and difficult to mount. The concrete tile also has a very high resistance in time (80-100 years), but it is heavier than the ceramic one (about 46 kg / m²). Metal tile in large or small panels is another option; it is very light (5-7kg / m²).

Bituminous shingle – has a lifetime of 30-40 years; it is a very good sound and thermal insulator, it weights approx. 9kg / m²;

Slate slabs – made of volcanic ash or clay. It does not degrade and has aesthetic and insulation properties;

Polycarbonate slabs and so on.

If you choose heavy material, the slope of the roof should be bigger. However, Metigla Cotilprofil metal tile is perfectly suited for your house’s requirements, being made of the finest and most durable materials.

You need to know the size of the panels, according to the needs of your house. Panels are delivered at predefined lengths and they are cut on site. They are mounted perpendicularly on the line of the eaves.

It is also necessary to install the anti condensation foil, which is mounted between the wooden rods and revetment. This prevents infiltrations from the condensation formed on the back of the tiles. Then you should mount the spars and the edge, and prepare the eves. The eves will be fixed on the boards. Each panel is mounted and cut according to the standards in force. This stage can be extremely difficult for those who have no experience in the field.

If you want to learn how to build a roof, you need the help of a specialist. Planning, choosing the materials and the executing the construction work need support from a specialist. A poorly built roof will bring long-term problems both to your home and your budget.

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