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How to make a house without foundation and how much does it cost?



Building a house without foundation can be the cheapest and quickest solution for you to move in a new house. Resistant, comfortable and economical, it can be extended at any time. In addition, it can look amazing. Here is how to build a house without foundation, how much it costs and what are the most beautiful models.

Make your dream of having a new house come true

For many of us, a house remains for lifetime only a dream, and that’s just because we are not well-informed. If we knew we could have our house with little money, and we could have it even overnight, we would stop dreaming and start building it. We`d choose a prefabricated, ecological modular house.

How to build a modular house

Prefabricated modular houses are built in specialized factories. Modules are then transported to the place where they will be assembled. There is also the possibility to build only the walls in factories, with cables and installations already mounted. The house without foundation has, in fact, a foundation. Building the foundation is your responsibility. Don`t worry, it’s not a classic foundation, it’s one made of concrete pillars. Their number and price differ depending on the chosen project. For example, for a 26 sqm house you need 9 pillars, for a 40 sqm house you need at least 12. Another 3-4 pillars are required for the terrace or porch.

How much does the project cost?

One of the cheapest models of a house without foundation has a useful area of ​​26 square meters. The house is small but can be fitted with a bathroom and an open space, consisting of a room and a kitchen. The price starts from 10,000 euros and reaches 13,000.

The wooden structure, the roof, the thermal insulated walls, the double-glazed windows, the solid wood doors, the electrical and sanitary installations, the interior wood finishes are all included in the price. The price does not include the terrace and the veranda, which cost about 3,000 euros.

If you want a stove or a chimney and roof-mounted windows, you have to pay another 2000 euros.

For a larger modular house of 80 square meters (with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen), the price can grow up to 30,000 euros. If you do not want your house to have all the finishes from the beginning and you can do it along the way, you can have a spacious house with a maximum of 20,000 euros.

How much does the transportation cost?

Transportation also costs you, and the price varies depending on the distance, but also depending on the chosen model. If the house is small, it can be transported on a single platform. A big house may need 6-7 platforms. The minimum cost is about 1,700 euros. Once modules have been brought to your home, they will be mounted and connected to utilities within 72 hours.


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