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20 square meters ingeniously arranged



What do you think about a 20 square meter apartment? Personally, I consider it a small one, especially when I remember those days when I’m breaking down thinking that I`m living in a matchbox (in my case, only the living room is this size).

Well, some talented architects, named the new generation, have not only demonstrated how efficient 20 square meters can be, that you can successfully integrate an intimate bedroom, a welcoming living room, a modern kitchen equipped with everything you need (you can become a chef if you wish), but they have also shown that you can have a nice apartment without much effort.

In such situation, sometimes seen as limited situations, you realize how important the intervention of a specialist is, a person with vision, who thinks in shapes, dimensions and colors.

Making the virtual tour, going through each space, I was particularly attracted by the cuisine, which is why I have been thinking about it for a longer time. In a space only a few meters long, the specialists from the architecture office Le Département have been able to incorporate the very necessary things for a perfectly functional kitchen, such as a hotplate, an electric oven, a hood, a sink and storage spaces.

Only if you see the images before renovating, you can really understand the transformations suffered by this 20 square meter studio. The chromatic palette, the artificial light , the fact that there are no traditional doors and the sliding doors have all created this design, but , in order to have such a success, you need knowledge and a good aesthetic sense.

What do you think, have you seen another 20 square meter studio having such a brilliant design ?



























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