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90 m² White Apartment



White and bright designs take the lead among our preferences because when you step into such a space, you have the impression that you are entering another world. Nothing looks brighter than an interior decorated in pure white, where the sun can penetrate and create a warm atmosphere.

What makes this 90- square -meter -white apartment, named by its designers Urban Spaces, to excel in interior design is the normal atmosphere, obtained due to shapes and color accents inserted in a white background.

Thus, the white apartment with a surface of 90 square meters becomes my favorite because it inspires a fresh air both by chromatic, predominantly white, and by the simple lines, discreetly discontinued by delicate volumes. The apartment  was designed for a mother and her two daughters, aged 11 and 7.

The living room attracts attention due to the modern chandelier above the dining table, which becomes the center of the room, the object around which the entire decoration is designed. The elegance of white is completed by colorful accessories, floral or fruit arrangements.

Storage spaces, carefully designed to be hidden, have sliding doors, each centimeter being fully utilized, the doors being accessorized with silent door openers systems or hidden hooks.

The dressing is provided with a rotating system and it is one of the costumed furniture pieces. It was specifically designed to store more pairs of shoes in an extremely small space. The bedroom door is actually a sliding door included in the dressing. Practically, you go through the dressing room to get into the bedroom.

The children rooms are designed in the same style, in simple lines, painted in pure, immaculate white. The design of the furniture includes color accents, such as green or blue, which give a warm touch and cheerful atmosphere. These two colors are the girls’ favorite. Furniture for children rooms generally requires many storage spaces, spaces where they can place their dreams, books and figurines. In this case, a clean and airy space was needed and the color spots are creating a friendly and cheerful decor, a place where children can spend time and work happily on their projects.

The furniture in the entire apartment was made by LINIA, the new division of the Architecture Laboratory, specialized in designing and manufacturing furniture pieces. However, you can also contact them for repairs, paintings or refurbishments. The materials used were painted MDF and natural stone in the bathroom.

The beautiful piano is theirs, and designers from the Architecture Laboratory remember how the girls sang to their colleagues from LINIA when they were installing the furniture pieces.

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