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Perfect kitchen in just 6 square meters



Even if the apartment we live in is very small, it doesn`t mean that we have to neglect its design, sometimes we even have to be more careful.

The kitchen is as important as the other rooms, perhaps even more important, because we all get together at the table in the kitchen, it`s the place where we cook and where we relax. So, the kitchen has several roles in the house.

In a small kitchen we will not bring a table, but we will use a high tabletop and some chairs. Usually, the color of this countertop is neutral, for example beige or cream. The color of the cabinets above the workspace will be also neutral, and the lower parts where the cooker and the sink are will be white. To add color to the kitchen, I used up to the middle of the walls light lively green tile. Tile not only gives color in the room, but also helps to keep it clean. How so? It is much easier to clean the dirt on the tile using only a wet cloth than to paint the walls every time there`s a grease stain.

The chairs also offer color to the room, because their color is not a neutral one, being a mustard-yellow.

On the kitchen counter there may be ornaments that make the place more inviting and cute, for example we can bring a small flower pot, or even some scented candles.

On the wall where the cooker and the storage cabinets are, there are also kitchen utensils, so, in this way, the cabinets will be free for larger items such as pots, pans, plates.

On the wall above the kitchen counter there can be paintings in different models. For the kitchen you can choose some paintings with fruits, coffee or other things that express the idea of ​​cooking. This is not mandatory; you can choose any model you want.

On the corner of the wall with the counter there are some small shelves that could help you store things or place the ornamental things, or the little things we need at the table, such as salt shaker, napkins. If we spend a lot of time in the kitchen we will need more plugs in case we need to load the laptop or the phone. These sockets are also used for the coffee machine on the counter.

As I said above, even if the kitchen is small, it can be as welcoming as a huge one, so you shouldn`t worry about it. Organizing and keeping clean the kitchen are two very important things. It may seem hard to find the right furniture for the size of the kitchen, but, in the end, you`ll enjoy it


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