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Small balconies – 10 design ideas



Small balconies … hmm…. How many of you face this? I’m pretty sure that a lot of people face this problem. So, for this reason, I wanted to search 10 wonderful ideas for small balconies.

If you’re lucky to live in a house, not in an apartment, the fact that the balcony is not big enough (I’m quite sure that you designed a large balcony, especially because you didn`t have one before), almost doesn`t matter, but our ideas will inspire you for sure.

For us, the others, the small balconies are just a facing reality. Some are so cramped that you do not even think that they could look different than a storage space or the place where you dry your laundry. However, today I can show you that small balconies can be different, they can look spectacular, and they can turn into a small place for relaxation.

What do you think, don`t you like them?

The bar balcony

How can you use the balcony, when it is too long, but not too wide? Nothing easier! You can choose a narrow table, but wide enough to accommodate some glasses, at least. If you install it around the windows, then you will create a kind of high bar, in case you live at a higher floor. To create even a better resemblance with a bar, you should choose bar stools. They are generally designed not to occupy a lot of space.

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